Are you searching for the perfect swolemate? The perfect fitfam? The perfect way to boost your happiness? The perfect set of abs? To get stronger? To be more confident? Whatever you’re searching for this summer, let Solace help you find it.

You can sign up through FrontDesk by clicking here, over the phone at  212-684-2689, or simply email Sign-ups close Friday, June 2nd so don’t wait!

With our 4 week challenge beginning June 3rd, whether you set out to lose weight, get stronger or boost your confidence, we’ll give you all the tools you need to get a jumpstart on your summer goals during the first annual  #SolaceEndlessSummer Challenge.

The cost of the challenge is $399 and includes:

  •      Four Body, Sculpt or Yoga classes a week, 16 classes total
  •      Pre & Post 1 hour workout assessment
  •      Personalized coaching support
  •      Nutritional guidance from @scienceforfitness
  •      Additional tools to help you keep track of your goals
  •      Community support from coaches & other challengers
  •      Crunch N Brunch Challenge Celebration July 1st

The challenge will kick off with an assessment on Saturday, June 3rd. This assessment will be done again at the end of the challenge on Saturday, July 1st, in order to measure your progress alongside a “Crunch N Brunch” to celebrate all you and your fellow challengers achieved!

Achieve your goals with us! Sign up HERE


What is the Endless Summer Challenge?

We believe in keeping it simple. The Endless Summer Challenge encourages you to find whatever goal you’re searching for this summer by taking four classes a week at Solace for four consecutive weeks.

When does the Endless Summer Challenge begin?

The challenge begins on Saturday, June 3rd and runs through Saturday, July 1st.  

What classes can I take?

You are eligible to take any combination of Body or Studio (currently Sculpt or Yoga) classes.

What if I want to do more?

We will offer discounted rates on our drop-in costs for those challenge participants looking to take extra classes. That being said make sure to give yourself at least one day of complete rest a week. Proper recovery enhances progress and lack of recovery or too much exercise can be damaging.

What if I’m out of shape? Who can do it?

There are no prerequisites to sign up. Just be ready to work your ass off during the challenge and earn your results. Anyone can do it. Not everyone does.

What if I am already a member at Solace?

Members can freeze their membership to participate in the challenge, but can only take the classes included in the challenge. Members will stay pay the full price of the challenge, but the hold fee will be waived.

How do I track my progress?

You will be keeping a food log to track your nutrition. This log will have a section to record your workouts as well. The preliminary and final assessments will be the major indicator of your progress in the 4 weeks.

What is included in the nutritional component of the challenge?

We’re eating clean & practicing moderation Monday through Sunday. No ‘negative’ points, no bad habits- you’ll learn the fundamentals of developing a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and apply these learned principles on a regular basis in order to optimize your body composition and energy levels. With nutritional guidance from Coach Hayden @scienceforfitness.

What do I get from completing the challenge?

Besides looking and feeling your best, all participants who complete the challenge will receive a #SolaceEndlessSummer tank, discount offers on class packs, personal training & nutrition.