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Best in the Box

Saturday, September 23rd | 9AM

Our next in-house only competition is upon us! On September 23rd, from 9AM-1PM teams of 2 male athletes or 2 female athletes will compete to determine the best same-sex duo in the gym! All teams will complete 3 events, with the top teams moving on to the final event. Never competed before? Grab a buddy – now’s your chance! Don’t have a partner? Have no fear – our coaches are happy to play match-maker and prepare all athletes for competition!

This event will count towards the Solace Underground Series scores. Come rep your team! All participants will earn 1 point for their team and the top 3 teams will earn bonus points.
**Partners for the competition do not need to workout at the same time of day.

This event is FREE for all members! To sign up, register on Pike13 an send an email with your team name and both partners names.

Event demo videos are posted to the Facebook group.


Best in the Box Event Workouts

Event 1: Pick Your Lift
8 Minutes to Establish Heaviest Unbroken Complex:
1 Partner Completes Snatch Complex, 1 Partner Completes Clean Complex

1 Snatch – 1 OHS – 1 Hang Snatch
*Full or power snatches allowed

2 Cleans – 2 Front Squats – 2 Jerks
*Full or power cleans allowed, any style shoulder to overhead allowed

Event 2: 50/50
15 Minute AMRAP:
500m Row
50 DB Snatches (40/25)
50 Wall Balls (20/14)

*One person works, one person rests – Row must be split 250/250, snatches must be split 25/25 and must be alternating arms, wall balls must be split 25/25

Event 3: 3 Minute Drill
3:00 minutes to complete 50 Box Jumps, then Max Overhead Squats
3:00 minutes to complete 50 Pull ups (M)/40 Pull ups (F), then Max OHS
3:00 minutes to complete 50 Toes to Bar (M)/40 Toes to Bar (F), then Max OHS

*Teammates may split work – if a team cannot complete all reps of the first movement in 3:00, the total is still contributed to their score as score is total reps (example – 50 box jumps + 20 OHS, 50 Pull ups + 10 OHS, 42 T2B + 0 OHS equals a score of 172 when all reps are added).

Butterfly Kipping Pull Up Workshop

Saturday, September 30th | 2PM

Butterfly Kipping Pull Up Workshop – On Saturday, September 30th at 2pm, Coach Chelsea Potter will lead a workshop on butterfly kipping pull ups. This is for anyone looking to develop the skill or become more proficient in the movement.


LIMITED SPOTS – Sign up under Crossfit Skill WOD on Pike13!

Resilient Performance PT Movement Foundations Seminar

Sunday, October 15th | 9AM

The Resilient PT team, Doug, Greg & Trevor, will be leading a movement foundations seminar from 9am – 6pm to deliver strategies that trainers, coaches and therapists can incorporate within a session to improve movement abilities – including biomechanically efficient exercise technique, breathing drills, stretching and mobility work; all within a model of progressing to high performance.


Only 40 spots available so don’t wait to sign up!


Thursday, August 31st

Are you ready to get STRONG New York?

Join us Thursday, August 31st @ 7PM for an athlete showcase, Q&A & deadlifting and power cleaning throw down with Meg Squats Christian Harris Silent Mike Terron BeckhamDanny Lehr

Sign up only ——–
Spots are limited.

All levels welcome! Free!

First 10 people will receive a gift bag courtesy of SOLACENewYork Caffeine and Kilos jonesbar and ROMWOD

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