February 15, 2016 3:17 pm

On Saturday, January 30th, fellow SOLACE Competition Team member, Ari Hurst, and I competed in Team Dangerous’ “Beat the Bracket” and came within a few tough reps of walking home with a medal for the Silver Division.

The competition was lots of fun, and the support we had from other SOLACE members was fantastic. There was a great energy about the whole competition which stemmed from the top down: the organizers to the volunteers to the judges to the spectators and finally, to the athletes themselves. I felt all of the excitement even the night before. I couldn’t fall asleep until 2am visualizing all of the workouts Ari and I were about to suffer in just a few hours.

Was it excitement or was it stress? For me, it’s honestly hard to tell. From the moments leading up to us finally stepping on to the stage and watching the clock slowly count down (5…) there are literally thousands (4…) of things on my mind…

“Did I practice this one enough?…What if someone does better than me? (3…) Did I get enough sleep?…I hope I don’t let my teammate down…I hope my teammate doesn’t let me down (2…) What if we get knocked out in the first round? (1…) That would be embarrassing…Uh oh…it’s time to GO!”


And then we begin, and suddenly everything changes. All the worry, all the fear, all the apprehension dissipates and I lock focus onto what I need to accomplish. I can barely hear our friends cheering us on just feet away over the ‘thwip-thwip’ sound my jump rope keeps making. The loudest sound of all is the judge counting our reps (or even louder, “NO REP!”) as we chip away at what seems like an eternity of cleans and deadlifts.

This is what I find most interesting about competition: the moment that the switch in my head FLIPS, and I become totally immersed in my workout.  One rep at a time to conquer an AMRAP. Speeding past the competitors in a Snatch/Clean ladder. I think that when we look at a WOD on paper it can be very daunting. We can strategize (which we should), we can scale (if we must), but above all we must understand that we absolutely can and will complete this workout. Our anxiety is fear manifesting itself in different ways, trying to psyche us out of completing our task.

My solution for this is to shut out those voices in my head, wait for that clock to count down to zero, flip the switch, and do the damn workout. See every WOD as an opportunity to fight the fear and the noise and to dig in and do it. The same thing goes for that next competition we might be considering. We may not be standing by the end of it, but we’ll walk away (eventually) with confidence and strength we didn’t know we had in us all this time.

– Hunter Lydon

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