The Open has past us now but I wanted to take a moment recognize and thank all of you in the Solace community that participated and outlasted those grueling 5 workouts.
Throughout the Open, we’ve spent 5 Saturdays together enduring anxiety, mayhem and organized chaos! Each Saturday I woke up early trying to make sure I was prepared to provide you with the best coaching and strategy tips, movement standards and Open experience I could possibly give. As a coach, I wanted to see nothing but determination and will power from you. As a friend, I wanted to see success measured by nothing less than through your own abilities. And each Saturday, I saw all of that and more. I don’t think I could have coached and worked with a more determined and fearless group of athletes.
I’m very grateful for you allowing me into your lives, opening up to me and trusting my advice. From the outside looking in, its hard to judge the relationships I’ve developed with some of you because I’m quite pertinacious in what I’m requesting but for those I’m interacting with, we get each other! I cannot give you enough praise for how motivated you have all left me!
Two weeks prior to the Open, I tore my quad at a competition so I was in pretty bad shape. I hadn’t been able to workout under any load besides body weight until the Open commenced. The lunges, snatches and thrusters were the first time I was able to do those movements since my tear. Each Saturday I came in and your tenacity and determination gave me the strength I needed to complete these workouts. Thank you to all the participants in 8AM, 9AM and 10AM classes. Week after week, I watched you give it all you had and that inspired and pushed me through my Open workouts. I had nothing else; no leg strength, very little confidence, just the pure will that I received from coaching and watching all of you!
I can’t name you all because I would feel terrible if I left anyone out.. but thank you for listening to me during those moments, thank you for trusting in my coaching! You RX’d movements that seemed impossible, you scaled when you needed to without allowing your pride to get in the way,  you listened as I yelled to correct movement standards, you kept going as I whispered in your ear to give you that extra push, and you pushed when you wanted to give up or felt like you couldn’t give anymore. We went in as a squad ready to battle and became victorious. Each week, you couldn’t have given anymore , I recognize that, and that’s how you define victory in my book!
I really appreciate you guys, life is good and I’ll continue to give everything I have to help all of you.
Coach Amir