We are excited to announce our September Athlete of the Month: Steve Antenucci!

Steve has been an active member of the Solace community for over a year. We are lucky to have him and he was kind enough to share his story with us! Scroll down to read about how he began at Solace, what keeps him coming back, and his advice for new members.

What’s your favorite movement?
My favorite movement is the power clean and jerk. There is something about being able to move heavy weight, catch it, and power it above your head is so gratifying for me. Maybe I appreciate it more after having shoulder surgery in January 2018.

Why did you pick Solace and what keeps you coming back?
I picked solace on the advice from my friends from College and Grad School, as well as the founders/former owners of my first CrossFit box – CrossFit Stamford. Everyone raved about the coaches, the programming, and more importantly the community that has been formed here.

What brings me back everyday is not only the challenge of the next workout, but to go to a place where I can leave behind, work, stress and any external issues I may be facing at that time and come to a place where I can focus on myself. I come in because I know that if I am not in the right mindset, whether I am physically strained, or mentally exhausted, someone will keep me in check by either challenging me, cheering me on or just straight up ask me how I am doing. This is not something that just happens to me, it is something that I see go on everyday between coaches, staff and members alike. It is something that is uplifting really enjoyable to watch take place, there is not enough of that in the world, but Im glad that at least someone makes it happen here.

What were your fitness goals when you joined in August 2018 and how have they evolved?
My fitness goals were simple when I started: continuously work back into shape after shoulder surgery, as I has just moved to NYC and received the all clear from my Drs to return to working out and CrossFit. Since the start of 2019 my goal was to have my “fittest year yet”, which is fancy talk for -make sure you come to the gym as much as physically possible, but focus on quality of rep and on what your body is telling you. Also, always warm up and stretch after….especially your shoulders… I cannot stress this enough!

What’s your advice for new members?
Do not hesitate to introduce yourselves to anyone, everyone I have met here has been so kind and ready to help if they can. Also, when you walk into Solace, it can seem pretty intimidating at first. We have so many talented athletes and individuals in this gym, and quite frankly, there will always be someone who is stronger, faster, better than you at certain movements. This is just the nature of sport. Do not let that intimidate you, in fact, reach out to those you consider elite at anything you want to improve on, whether it is a coach or member because 9/10 times they will walk you through their plans/workouts/training. At Solace, what you put into fitness is what you get out of it, if that makes any sense.

One fun fact about yourself that you want the Solace community to know:
My fun fact would be that I speak Italian fluently.