Ready to take the next step in your journey but don’t want to go it alone? Our coaches have unparalleled education and experience working with clients of all ages, body types, and ability levels. After an initial consultation, your coach will assess your current abilities and then create a workout and nutrition program that is tailored specifically for your unique needs.

One-on-One Training

What better way to ensure results than through dedicated personal attention from a coach? Our trainers have unparalleled education and experience in the field working with clients of all ages, body types, and ability levels. Upon your initial private training consultation, we’ll learn about your weight-loss and general health-related goals. Your coach will assess your current abilities. Then, they will create a workout and nutrition program that is tailored specifically for your unique needs.

The Coaches

Marc Heitzman

Marc is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Qualified Coach, and professional performer (Broadway, Nationally, and Internationally.) With over a decade of personal professional training to keep him performing, his passion for health and fitness has only grown stronger. When training with Marc, each client receives a unique program to reach their specific goals with an emphasis on longevity. Ready to work hard, sweat, and put YOU first? Marc’s your guy!
Corrective Exercise
Strength and Conditioning
Balance and Flexibility
Weight Loss

Dani Irwin

Dani has been a certified coach in personal training and nutrition for about 3 years now but an athlete her entire life. Playing sports which later progressed into strength training as an adult has always helped her gain confidence which is the lighting force of her passion to help others do the same! Once introduced to the barbell Dani has learned to squat over twice her body weight and master the Olympic lifts as well. She will show and teach you strengths you never knew you could reach. When it comes to training Dani loves to support each client and help them strive towards their goals. She is capable of working with all levels of athletes from beginner to elite and will work with you to safely and effectively take your training and health in the right direction.
Olympic Weightlifting
Strength Training
Squat Mechanics

Meghan Hayden

Meghan is a Division 1 soccer player turned athletic strength and conditioning coach based in NYC. She is passionate about educating and guiding others how to perform optimally at work and in life. She believes everyone should train to be able to do the things they love, for as long as possible. Specializing in mobility, dynamic movement, and athletic strength and conditioning—Meghan does not only strive to help people reach their goals, but also strives to educate people at a high level. She makes it a priority to educate people and provide them with tools to optimize their movement, spatial awareness, and performance.
Athletic Strength and Conditioning
Kettlebell Training
Injury prevention (prehab)

Sarah Gawron

Coach Sarah focuses on building strength from the ground up by creating a strong foundation of movement quality before adding load. She has developed her own system of strength training that combines conventional and unconventional training. Sarah is a kettlebell and durability specialist exploring different plans and levels of strength to optimize the human body. She is also the founder of Kettlebell Strong, a primal creative movement system using bodyweight and kettlebell training. Sarah believes everyone has the ability to move well with strength, power, and grace.
Conventional Strength Training
Unconventional Strength Training
Olympic Weightlifting

Kat Ellis

Kat comes from an extensive dance background and has a strong understanding of the body and movement. Her passion to teach and help people improve their movement drew her into the fitness industry.
Strength and Conditioning
Pre/Post Natal Training
Strength Training Post-Injury
Ian Barnes Trainer

Ian Barnes

Movement and athletics has been a vital part of Ian’s life. Fitness has required him to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Ian believes the head game is our primary arena when it comes to driving results. Founder of Find Your Alpha Fitness to help his clients find and develop their best selves. The lessons we learn under load can be applied across all areas of our lives, building grit, tenacity, and discipline. Ian will collaborate with you to write customized programming designed to help you reach your goals. We begin with an in-depth assessment to discover where you are today on your fitness journey, whether these are your first steps toward fitness or breaking through a plateau. I can help you prepare for an event such as a Spartan Race, a marathon, your first 5k, or simply to live your biggest life. Find your strength, find your confidence, find your edge. Find Your Alpha.
Individual Design
Obstacle Course Racing
Military Selection Preparation

Bryant Thomas

NSCA-accredited Strength and Conditioning Specialist, EXOS Sports Performance Specialist, USA Weightlifting, and PrecisionNutrition™ coach. Bryant has six years of experience training who span the spectrum of athleticism – from NBA professional athletes to the diverse clientele. He has created a data-informed fitness system backed by science that can be customized for those of all types and fitness levels.
Sports Performance
Small Group Training
Bodybuilding/Weight Loss

Alec Varcas

Alec is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer based in NYC. He has been training for over 6 years and specializes in bodybuilding, bodyweight exercises, and athletic conditioning. Growing up as a dancer, Alec understands the importance of strength and aesthetics without compromising mobility and form. With his clients, he focuses on finding and correcting muscle imbalances, increasing muscle hypertrophy, and improving on endurance with a safe, yet challenging program. In the past year, Alec has also started his own training business RippT LLC (, where members from all over the world can have access to hundreds of home workout videos, programs to be done at the gym, an exercise library of over 400 exercises, blogs, forums, and virtual personal training.
Bodybuilding and Aesthetics
Gymnastics Training
Athletic Conditioning
Balance and Stability Training

Jake Fields

Jake is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Biomechanics Specialist and a successful Nutrition Coach with 6 Years of experience training entry level clients through high level athletes. He draws on his depth of strength & conditioning experience through a lifetime of sports working with incredible coaches as mentors. Following this path into a career, Jake is ready to work with you on any fitness and health related goals. His skills in cultivating relationships and trust with clients is paramount to a successful training outcome. He firmly believes that a combination of hard strength work paired with smart conditioning & a healthy diet is the fastest and safest way to reach your goals. You’ll be in good hands and making progress from Day 1.
Strength Training
Aerobic Capacity
Body Composition

Lauren Cafrelli

After earning her B.F.A in musical theatre at the University of Hartford, Lauren spent several years traveling the country and the world as a performer. Settling in New York City several years ago, she attended Focus Personal Training Institute’s Master Trainer Course. While there, Lauren found a deep love of strength training, going on to win powerlifting competitions both on a team and as an individual. In her sessions, Lauren strives to offer a fun, welcoming atmosphere to foster a positive and empowering experience with movement. She is a hands-on, results-driven trainer devoted to her client’s success and confidence.
Weightlifting (USAW Level 1 Coach)
General Fitness
Strength & Conditioning

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