We, the Solace coaching staff, are happy to award our January 2016 Member of the Month to Tyler Kimball. Tyler is one of the most hard working and friendly athletes we have. You can find him constantly pushing himself and encouraging others. We dare you to find a moment when Tyler doesn’t have a smile on his face. You can find Tyler putting in work in the early mornings with the Morning Crew.  We are proud to have Tyler as a Solace member.  Without further ado we present January’s Member of the Month, Tyler Kimball:

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Name: Tyler Kimball
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Age: 26
Occupation: Associate at Axonic Capital LLC

What is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit?
Before CrossFit, my fitness background was centered around sports. I was definitely into the meathead lifts but most of my workouts were focused on preparing myself to perform on the field. I grew up playing football and lacrosse and was lucky enough to play lacrosse for the University of Notre Dame. While at ND I was blessed with access to some of the best strength & conditioning coaches, facilities, and training staff. I think that really helped me prepare for CrossFit because I had already gone through years of elite strength and conditioning training before I got going in the sport.


What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout? 
“That was awesome.” I loved the intensity, competition, and camaraderie. At the time it was the exact thing I was looking for. For anyone who has played sports, they know the feeling of practice, conditioning sessions, or being in the weight room with a team. After college ended, that was something I really missed. CrossFit has helped me to replace that.


What were your goals when joining CrossFit?
My main goal when joining CrossFit was: (1) work to be the fittest I can be and (2) surround myself with like-minded people who share that same passion. I think there is no doubt that all CrossFitters share generally those same goals which is why it is effective at helping goal #1. Some days are hard and some days are not as hard, but you will always have the people around you for support and motivation.


Favorite WOD and why? 
Hands down – Fight Gone Bad – In my opinion this is a workout that defines what CrossFit is. It is a pure test of physical and mental strength. The name doesn’t hurt either.

Favorite lift and why?
Clean and jerk with snatch being a close second. I love the combo of power, strength and skill involved. There is constantly something to work at in each. I wish I was a lot better at both of them (hah!) but no matter what it makes you feel pretty good to put some heavy weight on a bar and throw it above your head.

What music do you prefer to WOD out to?
Rap, Electro/Dance, or Heavy Metal…loud. You may be saying to yourself that those could not be more different genres of music but I am not too picky. As long as it’s loud, has a good beat and gets me pumped up I’m cool with it…that is unless *cough* it is country or classic rock *cough*.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the Gym?
Absolutely – especially during my time so far at Solace. The gym is full of unbelievable people and I have made some amazing friends.


Do you have any special memories/achievements during your time here?
Definitely the Civil War. That was so cool and it also didn’t hurt that my team won. It was definitely one of the many days that showed how special of a place Solace is. I have to give serious props to all my friends in the morning crew. You guys were amazing.

What advice do you have for people just getting started? 
Stick with it and don’t get frustrated. Take the time to learn movements correctly and be smart. There are so many skills involved in the sport that a beginner may be overwhelmed and tell themselves they will never be able to..let’s say for an example..do a muscle up or walk on their hands. But keep working and with time it will happen. One of the many reasons CrossFit is so addicting is that there is always something to work on and get better at.


When you wake up what is the first thought that goes through your head?
Workout days: What’s the WOD again? and where is my pre-workout and Coffee (yes, I have both sometimes). On rest days: Bacon and Eggs.

Rapid Fire Questions:
Create your perfect ice cream sundae: Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, some hot fudge, little bit of nuts, whipped cream, and sprinkles…not sure you can get more basic than that.
Last song you listened to: Fetty Wap’s remix of Trap N****S. Definitely NSFW but it’s been in my Spotify rotation for a couple weeks now.
What is your perfect pizza? Favorite pizza place in NY? I sadly haven’t been to a ton of pizza places in NY but I would say Artichoke’s crab pizza. It is pretty darn good.
Bacon and eggs…with or without cheese? On a bagel, just bacon and eggs, no cheese.
Calories don’t count. Describe your most epic cheat meal. Not very epic but a big bacon cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate milk shake.
Drink of choice? Coffee
What was the last picture you took on your phone? I took a pretty cool shot of the sunrise during a morning run this week. Purely so I could toss it up on the gram.
If you only work out in one solid color for the rest of your life what would it be and why? That’s a tough one..I would say probably black. Doesn’t black go with everything?
Doughnuts or Cookies? Doughnuts
Summer or Fall? Summer