When Solace opens in March (date TBD but as soon as possible) we will offer just Open Gym use and Private Training. As we get up and running and pandemic restrictions are removed we will move to incorporate classes once again.

Memberships will be month-to-month and cost $149/month for your first 3 months and $199 thereafter* if you sign up between now and March 15th, 2021. You can lock in your $149 rate today as follows:

1) If you were a customer of the old Solace company and had a ClubReady account, you can log in to to reserve your “Presale Open Gym Membership.” If you are having login issues, you can reset your password or reach out to us at

2) If you were never a client of the old Solace company (i.e., never created a ClubReady account) you can create an account and lock in the rate using this link:

Note: When signing up for a membership as indicated above, you will NOT be billed until the first day we open.

*Future membership price increases are still possible based on changing market rates and demand.