We, the Solace coaching staff, are very excited to award our October Member of the Month to Krisztian Meszaros! Krisztian has been a member with us ever since we can remember! A coaches favorite, Krisztian understands the value of good form and is always looking for and receptive to the coaches feedback. He incorporates a little bit of everything into his training – from Crossfit to Body to Yoga and Gymnastics. He just finished the strength cycle with Wolf and cannot wait to put his new strength to the test in Crossfit classes.

Like many other people who get into fitness, Krisztian began his Crossfit journey with the goal of looking better. He soon learned the benefits spanned much more than the physical. Crossfit gave structure to his life away from home, made him mentally stronger and gave him a community to call family far away from his true family in Brussels.

From the entire community and staff at Solace, it is an honor to have you apart of the Solace family and we want to thank you for sharing your journey with us. So what are you waiting for?! Keep reading to learn more about our October Member of the Month!

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 Member of the Month
Name: Krisztian Meszaros
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Age: 40
Occupation: Diplomat, representing NATO in the United Nations

Tell us a little bit about your story: I am Hungarian. I was born in Budapest, but spent many years living abroad in Helsinki, Geneva, Brussels and now New York. Most importantly, I am a father to two perfect human beings, Olivia (8) and Armin (5). They give meaning to everything I am and what I do. In late 2015, I moved to New York because of my job and joined Solace soon after.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you get into it? I have been doing Crossfit for four years now. I started it at a difficult point in my life, I did not feel good about myself and I was looking for a big jolt to get out of my slump. I had just turned 36 and felt that I could do better, look better, that there was a better version of me out there. Crossfit turned my life around.

What were your thoughts after your first CF workout? WTF??? Literally, that was my reaction!

What were your goals when joining CrossFit? At first, I just wanted to look better. Very soon I found real friends, a community, and a new lifestyle.

How did you find Solace and what has kept you with us for so long? I was going to the Crossfit box at NATO while I was living in Brussels, Belgium. My coaches there told me about Solace.  When I moved to New York, my first stop was Solace to try it out. I tried a few other boxes but I knew from the beginning this would be my Crossfit home in the US.

You do a little bit of everything – from Crossfit to Strength Cycle to Yoga. Talk to us about that and how the variety has impacted your training? Don’t forget Body classes! I initially only came to Solace for Crossfit but after trying Body was immedaitely hooked. I had done some yoga many years ago and was glad to see it offered here. It is the perfect complement to Crossfit and I know I should really be doing do more of it! As for strength cycle, I had been I had been planning to do it for a year but had trouble committing due to my frequent travels. Coach Wolf taught me an important lesson in discipline and respecting the movements, from preparing for a lift to the time spent in between lifts. In short, varietas delectat, variety (in workout) is the spice of life!

What or who was the biggest motivator/inspiration? My coaches back in Brussels motivated me a lot at the beginning. They constantly pushed me to do more, to try to be better and fostered that atmosphere throughout the box. Then, when I came to Solace, I found that same kind of motivation from the coaches here. Sofi, Greg, Heidi, Alex and all the others are not only training my body physically but my mind as well. I have tremendous respect for the professionalism of all the coaches here at Solace, whether Crossfit, Body, Yoga or Strength.

What has been the most challenging part of your journey? Biggest obstacles? Consistency – consistency in training but most of all eating. Can I just make a pitch for Danielle and DGMP Nutrition?! While I was pretty knowledgable about what to eat and what not to eat, she taught me how to be more aware of portion sizes, timing of different macronutrients, and that it is ok to treat yourself without feeling bad about it. Another challenging aspect of my journey has been knowing how to scale the workouts appropriately. For this, I’ve learned you need to track your performance carefully.

What changes have you made to your daily life, diet & workout routine that have been the most successful for you? Being aware of calories and cutting back on sugar and dairy as much as possible have proved the most beneficial to my diet. I am still a work in progress when it comes to being consistent with healthy eating. Bringing more diversity to workouts, whether its incorporating more Body and Yoga, an occasional 5k run here and there, have made a big difference too.

How has Solace positively affected you both inside and outside the gym? I still have to pinch myself when I think that I belong to such an elite group of athletes. Solace gave me a community and a family far away from my true home and family. It has also given structure to my life in new York, providing a constant opportunity to workout and get better.

What keeps you motivated? Being healthy, looking good at 40, and setting an example for my kids.

Biggest achievement at Solace so far? Getting a bar muscle up, without a doubt. Thanks Dariel!

New goal for the coming year? Butterfly pullups and overall improvement in form and flexibility. You can never be good enough with form and flexibility!

Something no one at the gym knows about you I am a history and international relations geek/nerd. Or perhaps just a simple geek/nerd.

When you’re not at Solace, where are we most likely to find you? On a plane to Brussels to see my kids! Or the movies.

Pre and post workout meal of choice? Pre-workout I like to keep it light, just black coffee or a protein shake if I’m really hungry. After a workout, a protein shake and ideally, chicken salad of some sort. But I cannot say no to a good spaghetti bolognese. Or a burger. Or a steak.

Favorite WOD/ least favorite WOD My favorite WOD is a tie between Cindy and Angie. I prefer bodyweight movements to barbells. My least favorite is Karen. I dread Karen…

Favorite lift/ least favorite lift My favorite lift is the deadlift. And my least favorite is an overhead squat. I guess because it is such a challenge for me.

Advice for someone looking to start CrossFit? Just do it, don’t think about it!


Rapid Fire Questions

If you had a theme song, what would it be? Fleetwood Mac: The Chain.

What is your spirit animal? Dog. I love dogs! I want a dog!

Drink of choice: Aperol Spritz.

Last picture you took on your phone: Screenshot of my son goofing around.

Last book you read: Ken Follett’s 20th century trilogy, part two: Winter of the World. I am an avid reader.

Favorite reality show: Not a big fan of any; but if I have to choose I would go for the ones where you have to show real talent or do actual work. Survivor comes to mind first.

Last concert you went to: Wow, that is a tough one, it has been years! I will say Madonna, but don’t’ ask the year…

Favorite pizza topping: Buffalo chicken, as spicy as possible. I blame New York for that!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Be in several places at the same time.

One thing you couldn’t live without: My kids. So two things:-)

Favorite emoji: Poop emoji – it makes my kids laugh every time.

Last song stuck in your head: Heathens from 21 Pilots.

Most important item in your gym bag: Protein shake for post-workout

First album/CD/cassette you ever bought? Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation 1814. Technically, it was my brother who bought it, but I just appropriated it from him. And it was a CD, the year was 1989.

Favorite hidden gem spot/restaurant in NYC: Not very hidden, but Duke’s restaurant on 3rd avenue. I just love fried food and big burgers! And Pennylane on 45th for coffee.

Favorite healthy snack: Apple. A good Hungarian jonagold, if possible!

Go to karaoke song: Like a virgin. Don’t ask…

Hidden talent: I can do ballroom dances. If I really must though.

Someone you could party with for a night dead or alive, who and why? Madonna. She seems fun to hang around with.

Anything else you’d like us to know? I admire how you’ve built such a welcoming community at Solace, bringing together people from different backgrounds, nations and what not. Keep up the good work!