Solace Reopens: Book Now!

Greetings Solace Family!

Now that we have been open for a week and ironed out the kinks we are happy to be able to expand our offerings.


1) No Visit Caps: There are no longer weekly visit caps for Solace. Come as often as you like, but don’t over do it!

2) CrossFit & Body Reservations: These appear on our ClubReady calendar during peak times to enforce social distancing protocols while at the same time giving our customers these two popular programming styles. Each day a suggested Body and CrossFit workout will be placed on the whiteboard for individuals to carry out at their own pace during their booked time slot. A supervising Coach will be on hand to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe.

3) Open Gym Reservations: These appear on our ClubReady calendar during off-peak times. Individuals can use the entire gym space during their booking (ground floor or basement), but must adhere to social distancing protocols. A supervising Coach or Staff member will be on hand to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe.

4) Private Training: As mentioned in our initial release, if you are interested in regular 1-on-1 private training reach out to your coach directly or email to get paired with a coach.


You have three options to join us during this initial re-opening:

1) Purchasing Session by Session: You can buy and book session credits on your own by logging into your ClubReady account ( However, if you are a member who is keeping your membership frozen, you will only be able to buy session credits, not book them. After you purchase your credits, you will need to email us at with the session(s) you would like to take and we will manually book those sessions for you.

2) Using Your Existing Membership: If you have an existing membership, we can unfreeze it for you to use. It will pick up where it left off and you will be able to book sessions on your own.

3) Start a New Membership: New to Solace? Shoot us an email ( to ask about our membership options!

If you have any questions about sign-ups or membership reactivation, feel free to reach out to us at


Please remember that everyone who visits Solace must fill out a health screening form before using the facility each time they use the facility. To prevent bottlenecks and delayed start times to your training, we strongly urge all our clients to fill out this screening form before they arrive (either the night before or right before you make your way in to see us). You can access the form using any web browser at the following link:  Health Screening.

Again, this form must be filled out for EACH of your visits. The front desk staff will be verifying this once you arrive to check-in.


As a final note, when you book, you will still see CrossFit on the schedule. Since Eric Roza took over as owner and CEO of CrossFit, Inc. we have seen him make major strides to improve the company’s internal organization, its support of affiliates, and its commitment to racial and gender equality. In light of these changes, Solace New York will continue to house the CrossFit Solace affiliation. Once the current affiliation agreement comes up for renewal in the spring of 2021, we will again reassess CrossFit, Inc.’s commitment to the above mentioned areas before deciding whether or not to renew affiliation. If you have any questions about our affiliation, please feel free to reach out to Hayden (

See you soon,
Team Solace