The SOLACE Starting Strength Intensive is a 6-class mini-course offering in-depth instruction and practice of the main barbell lifts: Squat, Press, Bench Press, and Deadlift. This Intensive is designed for those who are entirely new to lifting as well as those who are not new to lifting, but want to become more successful in strength training by deepening their understanding and execution of the lifts.
The SOLACE Starting Strength Cycle is an 8-week cycle that makes use of the Starting Strength method. For individuals looking to build strength and/or size, the most efficient way to accomplish this goal is through a linear progression barbell strength training program (adding additional weight to the bar every day you train) using this method. Even if you have a history of strength training, if you haven’t used (and exhausted) a linear progression program, you still have novice (beginner) strength gains waiting to be gained.
Classes meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Under the guidance of certified Starting Strength Coaches (SSCs), training will consist of Squatting (low-bar) every day, alternating the Bench Press with the Press every other day and alternating the Deadlift with the Chin-Ups (or Power Clean) every other day. Thus, 3 lifts will be performed each day. You will be using working weights (not percentages) tailored to each individual and weight will be added to each lift on every day.
The SOLACE Build Cycle is a 6-week bodybuilding-style strength program for individuals looking to conduct training that balances strength and size while optimizing a lean physique and retaining the ability to do other outside activity. Unlike the regular Build classes which give general exposure to the Build training approaches and exercises through daily programming that is constantly varied, the Solace Build Cycle offers a progressive structure that will optimize the combination of strength and physique building.
Classes meet Mon, Wed, and Thursday with a different coach leading each day of training. Programming will vary across three 2-week mini-cycles using different training modalities (e.g., conjugate training, rest-pause training, reverse pyramid training, etc.) and a wide-variety of exercises.
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