Private Training

Want to learn the movement fundamentals? Already know the basics, but want personalized guidance on your fitness journey? Private training – either one-on-one or small group – can help get you closer to your goals.

Achieve the results you’re looking for

We give our trainers full creative and financial freedom to run their own businesses within Solace. For this reason, the cost per private training session varies and is set by the individual trainer.


Our trainers come from all walks of life with varying backgrounds, but the one thing they have in common is their commitment to delivering the highest quality training experience.


Although any certified trainer can train clients at Solace, the trainers below are devoted ambassadors of Solace that are experienced, knowledgeable, and masters of their craft. They are each able to effectively guide and train clients of all ages, fitness levels and abilities.


To find a trainer that’s right for you, scroll down. Each trainer four areas of expertise listed. If you are interested in working with one or more of those trainers, just click their photo and you will be taken to their personal page through which you can contact them about sessions. Alternately you can reach out to use and we can put you in contact with them by email.

Meet The Trainers

Heidi Jones

Strength Training
CrossFit Foundations
Endurance Training

Dani Irwin

Olympic Weightlifting
Strength Training
Squat Mechanics

Kristen Bona

Kettlebell Training
Functional Fitness
Strength and Conditioning

Jake Fields

Strength Training
Aerobic Capacity
Body Composition

Gabe Sanchez

Performance Coach
Running Mechanics
Strength and Conditioning

Georgia Morgan

Strength Training
Beginner Barbell
Pre/Post Natal
Diabetes Counseling and Guidance

Alex Aguiar

Olympic Weightlifting
Strength & Conditioning

Kristie Larson

Strength Training
Functional Strength
Beginner Strength
Intuitive Eating

Liana Giangiulio

Strength & Conditioning
Power Lifting
Nutrition Coaching

Paul Rabic

Strength & Conditioning
Olympic Weightlifting

Brian McCormack

Starting Strength Method
Strength Training
Strength Training for Seniors

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