If you are looking to train on your own at Solace (or elsewhere) with programming and remote oversight from a coach, club coaching is the way to go.  We have two Strength tracks available:

novice Linear Progression

This track is where everyone must start. This 3-day per week program, based on the Starting Strength method, uses the squat, press, bench press and deadlift to quickly and efficiently build strength. If you previously completed this NLP track and are coming back from a layoff or break, you should start with this track again (but you will get help with some modifications). Once your NLP Barbell program runs out, you can move on to the Intermediate Barbell tack.

intermediate Barbell

This track is designed for those who have completed the NLP Barbell track. It is a 3-day per week progressive, cyclical program that will still focus on the main barbell lifts, but will incorporate greater variation in volume and intensity, as well as additional accessory exercises to help drive strength adaptations.


NOTE: Please email info@solacenewyork.com if you plan to do this track. You must have completed your NLP (left) but you also must find recent 1RMs for your lifts before beginning.

Club Coaching membership

  • Two tracks of weekly strength programming with coaching notes.
  • Access to all previous weeks of strength programming.
  • Access to our private Facebook/Discord discussion group.
  • Unlimited access to post training videos and ask questions about your training & nutrition.
  • Your Coach: Hayden-William Courtland, Ph.D., SSC
  • Required Equipment: Barbell, plates (including 1.25lb fractionals), flat bench (incline preferred), squat rack. If you have additional questions, contact us.

MonthLY MembershIP

$29+ Tax

Membership Auto-Renewal: Your membership will auto-renew each month unless canceled. To cancel, email info@solacenewyork.com at least 5 days before your bill date.


Questions?: If you have any additional questions, just post to the club coaching group or send an email to info@solacenewyork.com.

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